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The World's Best Splatter Guard 

Limit Your Mess, Not Your Cooking

Launching 10/12", new lid design and new colours
Feb 7 11AM ET/8AM PT

Limit Your Mess
Not Your Cooking

Your Stovetop Will Thank you!

SplatterDōm is a revolutionary stovetop splatter guard that helps keep your cooking area free from splatter while still providing complete access to your food. 


Coming in sizes that fit most 8/10”, or 10/12” pots and pans, it’s also uniquely height-adjustable and it comes with a ventilated lid!*

*New 10/12" size & colors available for pre-order HERE

SplatterDom original splatter guard design for cooking
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See what customers have to say about SplatterDōm on, the worlds largest online retailer


Dual-sided design

Fits 8 & 10", or 10 & 12" pots/pans*

SplatterDōm is designed to fit the most common sizes of pots and pans.  With a versatile dual-sided design, each SplatterDōm can fit either a 8/10" or 10/12" diameter piece of cookware.

Both Sizes Side By Side.jpg

*New 10/12" size & colors available for pre-order HERE

splatterdom with Pans on top and bottom_v4.png

Not Your Mother's Splatter Guard

  • Access your food with ease

  • Dual sided & height adjustable

  • Includes unique ventilated lid

  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe

  • Collapses for easy storage

Multi Sized.gif

Launching on Kickstarter all new larger size, new lid for both sizes, and new colours

Feb 7 11AM ET/8AM PT

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Built for temperatures up to 450°F

SplatterDōm is made of BPA free, 100% FDA approved food-grade silicone, and withstands temperatures up to 450F.  

It's also microwave & dishwasher safe.

Our 8 & 10" SplatterDōm is available on and

best splatter guard for cooking sauce

*This product color is not yet available for purchase online. 

how to keep stovetop clean using splatterdom splatter guard


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