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Limit Your Mess, Not Your Cooking

Meet Your Stovetop’s New Best Friend

SplatterDōm® is a revolutionary stovetop splatter guard that helps keep your cooking area free from splatter while still providing complete access to your food. 

We've Got You Covered

Sauté, fry, boil, simmer, sear... literally anything you'd use a pot or pan for. SplatterDōm® has you covered!

See How We Stack Up

We're not the only splatter guard out there, but we'll let you decide which one you want in your kitchen 😉.

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Find The One For You

SplatterDōm® is designed to fit the most common sizes of pots and pans.  With a versatile dual-sided design, each SplatterDōm can fit either a 8/10" or 10/12" diameter piece of cookware.

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Feeling Cheeky?

Our "Cheeky Guy" apron is an original design that we experimented with when we first started this journey. The apron is in a dark grey colour with an added light sheen and is sublimated which means it will not fade, wash off, crack, or get damaged when washed.

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