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Splatterdom splatter guard product

SplatterDōm FAQ

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Is SplatterDōm microwave safe?

Yes, it is microwave safe since it is made of pure silicone. We recommend using it partially open, unless the microwave is oversized.

Is there any risk of it melting while being used?

If used properly as per package instructions (eg. not placed directly on heating element or placed in direct contact with flames), SplatterDōm will not melt as it is made with 100% pure food grade silicone with no additives.

Does it come in a larger size?

Our newly designed 10/12" model is still available for special pricing! Please visit our pre-order page HERE to order your unit. 

How versatile is the SplatterDōm?

SplatterDōm 8/10" and 10/12" can be used on your pots and pans for anything from frying to boiling, to searing and sautéing. Use it to reheat your leftovers in the microwave and you can also place it on your plate with the lid on to keep your food warm.

Are there any limitations to using SplatterDōm?

Not really. Just don't place it in direct contact with flames or heating elements (this means the oven as well). SplatterDōm's height should not be adjusted while on a hot cooking device and once you are done cooking, simply pick it up by the handles and place it in your sink or dishwasher.

Does using SplatterDōm change the length of cooking time?

It depends. We found during our multiyear long R&D process that cooking with SplatterDōm might slightly alter cooking times, mainly because of how heat doesn't escape as easily. For example, searing a steak on a cast iron won't overcook with the Dōm in place so long as it is made without the lid (you will get a great sear without the mess that is usually associated with it, such as oily splatter). Tomato sauce on the other hand (despite having a mind of its own) can be simmered at lower temperatures without taking longer to cook.


Stay tuned for updates on our Media page where we will be sharing recipes and tips for common (and not so common) dishes.

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