Welcome to our Kitchen

We are Anna and Eric, the creators of L.ī.Q. Inc. (we love our phonetics! Reads “like”). Our mission is to create products through research, development, and testing (aka transforming our kitchen into a disaster zone) that will bring joy back to your cooking and significantly reduce your post-cook clean-up time!

And we don't exaggerate about our "mission"! We Literally left our high-paying, fancy-titled, and very-demanding corporate jobs because we wanted to devote our time to our 2 wonderful boys AND to all the passion projects which will be coming your way very soon! 

Our flagship product, the SplatterDōm (yes, another phonetic! Reads “splatterdome”), was proudly designed by us in Ontario, Canada. We promise it will revolutionize your cooking experience by eliminating virtually all messes caused during the cooking process!

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Meet the Founders

We're serious...most of the time


L.ī.Q. Inc. stands for Leveraging Intelligence and Quality. Our mission is to develop innovative products that would bring more functional solutions to make home life better.